Posted by: Suzan | September 25, 2009

Nature Nurtures

Oh to be like the tree –

To stretch, to reach with ease,

To feel the gentle breeze,

To be so rooted, yet free.


To provide others shade,

To watch the seasons fade,

To not cling to every one,

To bask in the warmth of daily sun.


Oh to be like the mountain –

To be firm, rugged, and strong,

To be still within,

To know in solidity – I belong.


To be so expansive and not play it small –

To stand with regal beauty ever so tall,

To contemplate the world around me,

To know how to BE.


Oh to be like the ocean –

To be the dolphins within who know all about fun.

To explore the depths of my being,

To know it is all about believing.


To be the sea life in full color and splendor,

To be the waves in continuous motion,

To rest upon the shore,

To be in balance with the moon and the sun.



Nature nurtures the soul,

Reminds us we’re whole,

Gives us life,

Removes our strife,

So whenever challenges begin to tug,

Find the nearest tree – and reach out for a hug.


  1. Hi,
    Just came across your poem, did you write that yourself? It is lovely, I really like it, only yesterday I wrote about trees on my countryheritage blog but unfortunately I didnt write the poem myself.

    All things nice…


    • Thank you so much. Yes I wrote it this morning. I’m a nature lover and enjoy expressing through her beauty!


  2. I so enjoyed your poem ! Thank you for sharing. Trees are all so beautiful and unique. A pleasure for the eyes and the soul.


    • Thank you for your feedback. I’m glad to connect with someone who also highly values trees! May nature continue to nurture your soul.


  3. Beautiful Suzan! I can see how Katy’s class is inspiring you!!! You are in the flow of true wisdom!!!!



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