Posted by: Suzan | September 11, 2009

The Cost of Our Freedom

Immediately following the tragedy of 9-11-2001, I grabbed my journal to confide how I felt. I’d like to share this in memory of all the dear souls we lost that day — yet most of all for those family and friends who remained……

                                Casualties of war on U.S. mainland soil

Dig deeper – rip our skins with a treacherous knife.

Blood burst – then splattered

Lives all around us – shattered.

Not only the human corpses within buildings and planes – trapped

The outer rings of families, friends, and special acquaintances – snapped

                                                       With a vicious kick

A bruised purple lick,

Then tear out our hearts and feed them to vultures

That hover now at the sites

At the end of the flights.

Where were all the people going?

What were they saying at this time?

In the air – imagine – knowing

People at coffee stations – into mugs the coffee flowing

Unaware in moments they’d be casualties to terrorist crime.

Hearts beating, hands feeling, feet walking

One moment – then

Hearts yanked out, hands and feet blown apart

Heaven sent.

Has this world ended?

Has a new one just begun?

A place we once defended –

Now blown to tiny fragments for some psycho-minded fun.

Sadness purges my inner-core

Tugs at my intestines

While they wrap around my throat.

Shut off the surging roar

From the results of despicable sins.

God bless the souls, the hearts, and the lives that have vanished.

Stolen lives of precious beings – all of their memories lost.

Mend the holes of those who remain in their dear ones shadows

Where sadness penetrates like flames in gray coals.

Seethe through the madness with fury and fire – at such great cost.

I feel as if I’ve crawled into the depths of a lucrative spy novel,

The pages sweaty from swift turns – as my heart grovels

To be released from the misery trapped beneath

As death shatter all illusions – the victims of the tragedies bequeath.

I hear the faint cries languor all around me

Loved ones lost

Such an enormous cost

We live in the United States of America – are we really free?




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