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What is Expressive Arts?

Go deeper with the healing modalities of expressive arts (movement, art, writing, sound, music, meditation and imagery). Participating in expressive arts is NOT about being an artist. The mere act of creating art (in any form) is healing. The PROCESS of moving, creating art, writing, making sounds, listening to music, singing, and/or meditating is what transforms us!

Currently 1:1 Skype sessions can be scheduled from the convenience of your home (from anywhere in the world)! For San Diego residents, you can experience Expressive Arts and Wellness Sessions In-Motion (while walking – followed by art) at a few locations in San Diego, California. 1:1 sessions with Suzan and small group sessions are available at her studio. These and other public programs will soon be listed on the website. Stay tuned!

I now feel open to new goodness and opportunities to move into my life. I allow the Kindergarten spirit to roam in my world.”                                                                                    
Heidi, Wellness Coach (specialty brain injury) http://www.graymatters4u.com

What is the Person-Centered Method?

An approach I use is the Person-Centered method, a philosophy developed by the former Natalie Rogers. Her father, Carl Rogers, a Humanistic Psychologist created this method which holds that each individual has worth, dignity, and an innate ability to reach her full potential.

With the Person-Centered Method I guide you toward your truth and respect your ability to find your own answers.  I believe you are creative, resourceful, and whole.

This work is therapeutic yet it does not involve therapy. I am not trained as a therapist or counselor. I am certified as a Person-Centered Expressive Arts Facilitator, Life Coach, Health and Wellness Coach, and Servant Leader.

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