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Expressive Arts Well-Being Playshops and Classes

Have fun and explore in a safe space using powerful expressive arts tools!  No, you don’t have to be an artist–all you need is the willingness to play and enjoy yourself in a group of like-hearted women. Not clear on what expressive arts is? Check it out here!


2019 Playshop Schedule

General Info for Upcoming Expressive Arts Programs:

  • There is no need to be an artist to participate! With expressive arts we focus on the process, not the product. Creating art heals.
  • All art supplies are included and you don’t have to clean up.
  • Playshops are often held in my art loft in Tierrasanta (near the 15 and 52) (unless otherwise noted).
  • Group size is intimate  (generally 10 or less for public programs in my art loft).

Reigniting Your Playfulness

Private Program for Universal Spirit Center’s, Rise up Women

Wednesday, August 28th      10:00 am – 11:45 am

Reigniting Your Playfulness after 50

Join us for “It’s Never Too Late to Begin Again – Over & Over & Over” book study taught by Dr. Cindi Britton. I’m a guest facilitator for the sixth class where we will explore ways to bring more joy into our lives. You will learn how you would most like to play with a written exercise and some fun charades. By the end you’ll know what to do to reignite your playfulness.

                                         Thursday, March 7th 10:00 – 12:00 pm                                                        Location: Vision Center for Spiritual Living. 4780 Mission Gorge Place

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Please check back as more playshops and

other events will be scheduled!

Below is a video from a corporate program:

Create, Be Well, and Make Peace with Your Inner-Critic

Popular Programs


Create Your Soul Portraits

Join a group of like-hearted women for a sacred journey to your inner-wisdom. Clarify your vision for 2018 and learn where to focus your energy for optimal health and well-being. Meet your future self and discover your deepest desires for the New Year. Create a mini-collage around what you long for. Next, participate in an ancient healing ritual of an indigenous tribe, the Maori tribe of New Zealand. Make your Mandala Soul Portrait using universal life symbols. All art supplies are included and you do not have to clean up!
  I got a view of my future self which was so helpful because I was avoiding it. I most appreciated how Suzan kept the circle open for all of us to express ourselves.                                   N Helgeson, LMFT, BCC
Something I took away from the experience was to trust and have the faith that all is in divine order for my life. Marianna Pinto
I appreciated being invited to share and discover in a fresh and artistic way. I loved it all! Laurie Clements, Reiki Master, Registered Dental Hygenist and Somatic Therapist in Training


 Discover Your Body’s Wisdom for Well Being

Join a group of like-hearted women as we learn powerful ways to listen to the wisdom of our bodies. Explore what you need  for your optimal well-being and also, learn life-enhancing techniques you can do on your own. The program is experiential and will utilize the transformative expressive arts including meditation, movement (dance), art making (a wide range of choices), and reflective writing. It is not necessary to be an artist to participate. With expressive arts we focus on the process, not the product. Creating art heals!

“I learned that I need to trust and open myself to possibilities and to take care of myself, not only give to others, but to give to myself as well.” Veronica Baker, Writer, Pages to the Past
“I loved the movement exercises and the quality of the people who came. Your space is delightful and encourages creativity. Feels safe. I became more in touch with birth trauma and it feels like I met it with gentleness, grace, curiosity, and a new permission to be seen in my power in the world.” Gerise M. Pappas, Enneagram Facilitator, Intuitive Guide


Workshop at Asilomar Conference Center in January, 2017


  I took Suzan’s workshop on listening to the Body’s wisdom and literally that day the relentless pain in my feet left. I gave voice to my pain, I found compassion for my poor feet and I allowed the pain to just be, I honored it, I surrendered to it, I grieved it…and paradoxically it left. Thank you Suzan for giving my body, the pain a voice….and now it is quiet in my world….no pain.❤️ Jennifer

CLASS: Create, Be Well, and Calm Your Inner-Critic

An adaptation was presented to Welk Resort Employees in San Diego County.
I brought Suzan into my company to teach a class called, Create and Be Well: Making Peace with Your Inner Critic. The class was inspiring and well received by our team members.

Suzan’s gentle approach to working with the Inner Critic prompted me to clear traumas. I now choose to be ‘positively’ singled out for success and to express my unique creativity!

I recommend her classes and workshops for all those who wish to Create and Be Well.

Jannine Oberg, M.S., Welk Resorts Corporate Wellbeing Coordinator

Class Benefits:

  • To better understand the numerous positive health benefits associated with creative expression.
  • To be more aware of the inner critic and learn ways to overcome his/her critical  voice. An art activity is included to help participants externalize the inner-critic as this takes his/her power away.
  • To identify ways for participants to bring creativity into their work and other aspects of their lives. They will leave with a next step toward a creative pursuit.
  • This class can help active retired seniors to adapt more easily to life without “work.” Participants can rediscover creative passions and/or align with something new while learning to calm the inner-critic.

Art Journaling for Wisdom Within

IMG_3798At private residence in Rancho Santa Fe for Like Minded Women’s Semi-Annual Retreat
Thank you Suzan for a truly magical and inspiring session! Karen Henken, Founder

Workshop Benefits:

  • Learn about the positive health benefits associated with creating art and indulge in art making for the sheer pleasure of it. Being an artist is not necessary!
  • Anyone can do this – whether you haven’t done any art since Kindergarten or  you’re a professional artist.
  • Learn to listen to your inner-wisdom as your body communicates what it really needs from you to heal (health ailments/physical symptoms and other situations affecting your wellbeing).
  • Develop this practice as a ritual for your health and well-being. Increase your overall awareness, alleviate stress, and experience more joy!

 Playshops at Glen Ivy Hot Springs Spa

Creating Maori Mandala Soul Portraits

Participate in an ancient healing ritual of an indigenous tribe, the Maori of New Zealand. Maori Medicine Men began making these drawings around 950-1130 AD as sacred portraits of their work for the upcoming year. The late Dr. Angeles Arrien, a Cultural Anthropologist, lived with a Maori tribe and learned this diagnostic tool. She presented it at an Institute of Noetic Sciences Convention and gave permission for the dissemination of this information to promote wellness and peace for all. Journey into your unconscious and learn where to focus your energy during the following year for optimal health and well-being.

“Your workshop was enlightening and fun!! You were awesome!!!” ~Donna P – Grant Writer



Journey to Your Future Self

Experience a guided visualization, a sacred journey to your future self to explore and re-discover your inner-wisdom. Gain clarity and a renewed sense of purpose. Recapture your passion and sense of playfulness as you are gently led to the truth of who you are. The program includes an opportunity to journal, along with rich discussions to further reveal your authentic nature.

img_0767A private program for a women’s professional group

Energy = My Care Squared (E= MC²)-Igniting Your Passion, Purpose, and Playfulness

This thought-provoking, interactive program offers your group strategies to reduce stress and increase positive energy. Your group will have opportunities to reconnect with their creativity (the heartbeat of play), understand their current values (the foundation of their passion and purpose), and ignite their 3 P’s which are the cornerstones for self-care.

“Wonderful offering tonight!! Thank you for reminding me to PLAY!! You sure LOVE what you do! It shows.” Tami Walsh, M.A. President, Teen Wisdom Inc.


A Women’s Day of Wellness

“Thank you so very much for coming on Saturday and giving a wonderful presentation. So many of the women who attended have shared how helpful your talk was for them. You inspired and helped reignite passion for many women.” ~Candice Roditi, Organizer for Women’s Day of Wellness – OCCC
“Thanks for being genuine and caring for the group’s success! You have a bright light.” ~Theresa Brandt, Ph. D., Association for Women in Science

Igniting Your Passion, Purpose, and Playfulness after 50


Presenting at Libraries in San Diego County

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