Private Sessions

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Are you going through a challenging transition?

Do you feel disconnected and over-stressed?

What if you could move powerfully through your transition  and feel JOY again?


What would it mean for you to feel more at EASE?

If you’re ready to  move forward, I’m here to support you one step at a time. Let’s meet on Zoom to see if this is the right next step for YOU!  You may contact me here.

I offer the Deep Dive Discovery private sessions on Zoom. Being an artist is NOT required. ONLY the desire to have fun with this process, explore, and be open to discovery.

Suzan is kind, loving and patient.  I was able to creatively get in touch with some emotions that I didn’t even know were there. She helped me release the pain in my heel through a creative process. Thank you Suzan for you generous heart! Susie

 Deep Dive Discovery

Private Sessions for Women 50+


Deep Dive Discovery Sessions

  • This is a therapeutic process yet it is NOT therapy. I am your guide to help you move powerfully through your transition.
  • It’s about the process and pure pleasure of making art (paint, collage, clay, drawing, movement, music, and/or writing, etc.). It is NOT about the final product.
  • Again, there is no need to be an artist – only the desire to play, have fun, and explore.
  • It is also a great way to help you bring your projects into fruition if you are an artist (or are becoming one). I can help you make peace with your inner-critic!
  • Sessions are 1 or 1.5 hours each on Zoom. You can meet with me 2-4 times per month and a discount package is available for a 3 month enrollment.


  • Deep Dive Discovery Private Sessions (via Zoom): $100.00 for 1 hour; $150.00 for 1.5 hours

I’d love to connect to explore what’s right for you! I offer complimentary 20 minute phone consultations. Please contact me here to schedule.

The most important benefit was helping me to realize getting healthy is not something I HAVE to do. That realization changed my entire attitude. I am now exercising regularly.  I am taking the time to relax, meditate and do whatever it is that my body/head need. I’m making my relationships more of a priority. Suzan helped me think outside of the box. She was 100% present for me.

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