About Suzan

2014-07-17 12.09.44

Suzan Painting in Mo’orea

Where I Began – Personal Story

As a young child I painted with my father, an artist, with our easels side-by-side. We were inseparable. Then at 11 years old, everything changed. Much later my dad would be given a Bipolar diagnosis. Meanwhile he became dismissive, violent, and would not allow me to speak in my own home. My inner-critic took over and I stopped creating art for over 30 years!

In my 40s “the Universe intervened” when a client offered painting lessons in exchange for coaching. Early on I recall dropping the paints and sobbing uncontrollably. The pain of having abandoned my creative expression overcame me.

For six months I toiled over creating one piece, a Monet reproduction.  This therapeutic art process began my forgiveness journey with my father for his neglect and abuse, and myself for starving my inner-artist. I have learned that nourishing my Creative Soul is as essential as breathing.

Picture 001

My Monet Reproduction

Passion for My Work

Helping you reconnect with your inner-wisdom for greater awareness is my life’s passion. Encouraging your ease, presence, harmony and a lot more joy for your journey is my intention.


If indecision is running you, I can help!


Move to your own rhythm!


Move More from Your Head to Your Heart!

My Professional Background and Credentials

  • Certified as Expressive Arts Facilitator (Person-Centered Expressive Arts Institute) (Graduate level program)
  • Certified as Life Coach (CTI) and Health and Wellness Coach (Wellcoaches)
  • Presenter for In Our Own Voice for NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness)
  • Certified as Servant Leader
  • Graduate of San Diego State University (B.A.) in Speech Communication

And when I’m not working…..I LOVE to TRAVEL!

I’m a life adventurer preferring to collect experiences, not things. Am grateful to often explore the world with my partner, Jim, whom I married on the top of Mount Whitney (14,495 feet). Yes, I had a wedding gown in my backpack. Together we’ve visited over 40 countries  including West Africa where we rode 2000 miles around Tanzania and Kenya, camping.  Feel free to check out our travel blog: http://www.WeBeNomads.com

 “Don’t Die with the Music Still in You.”  Dr. Wayne Dyer

 “Suzan helped me “connect the dots” by pointing out the connection between things and feelings and what they meant. I think you did a phenomenal job and I would heartily recommend this to others. You are awesome at connecting the dots!”
Writer, http://www.pagestothepast.com




  1. Hi Wise within one,
    I think your blog is great and very welcoming. I’m trying to figue mine out and this is inspiring to me at the moment in many ways. Keep climbing!


    • Thank you Tara. I’m glad you found my blog inspiring. I really like your blog (your poem is lovely)! Great template – goes very well with your poem too.
      Suzan : )


  2. Hi Suzan, I love your site and what is is about. It is quite inspiring. I’ve added you to my blogroll, I hope that’s okay! Thanks for being here!



    • Thanks Ellen for supporting my blog. I appreciate being added to your blogroll.


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